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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Somebunny's Angel

Brand: Dimensions - Simple Delights
Item: 72585 - Somebunny's Angel
Available from: Discontinued
Price: Discontinued
I was sent this kit as a gift for Stashmas a while ago, I don't know how long or who sent it to me, only that I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and placed it on the "to do" pile while I finished what I was working on at the time. Well...I don't know about you, but that pile began with the best of intentions, but what really happens when I finish a project is...I've already started another one. I never look at that pile!!! But I decided to go through my stash and see what I could give away and what I can sell, that's when I rediscovered this delightful little kit. The copywrite says it's from 1999, and when I looked for it online I couldn't find anyone with it in stock, so if you want to stitch it, you're going to need to do some leg work to actually find it. I recommend ebay. If I'm wrong though and you do manage to locate it PLEASE let me know, and be sure to leave an email address so I can send you a little thank you!

The kit contents were everything you'd expect, this one uses a black and white chart rather than a colour chart and the threads are unsorted which thankfully is not an issue with this design as all the colours are so VASTLY different from each other, the only exceptions being the peack and the pink which do look pretty similar if you look on his cheeks, but...the instructions also list how many strands of each colour are "required" and that makes it obvious which is which. Now you may be wondering why I put quotation marks around the word required there, well that's because I think you might actually get two designs out of this kit if you were willing to run the risk, I only got through about half of each colour.

The plastic canvas is a brilliant material to work on because all the fuss over tension, hoops and the like becomes a mute point. You cannot fit it into a frame and you don't need to, the canvas does not distort at all! There seemed to be a couple of extra rows on each side, possibly to allow for you to miscount with no serious consequences.

The bold colours and the plastic canvas made it quite obvious from the start that this was a simple design that I would recommend to a beginner. There are large areas of solid colour on the bunny and his heart combined with smaller areas such as the leaves which require a bit more attention but still aren't going to trip you up. I used this as a refresher project...namely one I start and complete in the middle of a larger project to relieve the tension that a larger project can cause so I can go back to the larger project feeling refreshed....and am happy to say that as much as I would recommend this to a beginner, I also found it immensely enjoyable as an advanced stitcher.

As you can see from this progress picture, the backstitch on this design is absolutely vital, without it there is no design! The one thing I would note though is that this design also uses French knots and couching. But as I've shown with my first picture...you don't need to add them! I didn't add any of the French knots to the ribbon or the butterfly, simply because I don't like them. The couching creates the halo and again, as you can see from my first picture...it's not needed. It's put on after you cut the design out so I will be adding it onto my design tomorrow morning, but I photographed the piece without it to make this point.

Once you've cut the design out and placed the halo over the bunny's ear, all that's left to do is attach the magnet and slap it onto a magnetic surface, I chose the fridge, although you can choose not to attach the magnet if you wish. Attaching the magnet is pretty easy, you simply peel off the strip and stick it directly onto your work. I vote for placing it vertically down the centre of your work because it's slightly too big to be placed horizontally without being seen and so far...mine hasn't come unstuck, so it's already better than some magnets I've received, but if it does I shall let you know.