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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Autumnal Earring board

Over the years, like any woman, I've managed to acquire several pairs of earrings, unfortunately for me "several pairs" happens to mean more than will fit in my jewelry box's and thus they've been sat in any old box that I could find, getting tangled, broken and even lost. I decided to clean house the other week and was shocked by how many pairs were no longer useable!That's when I really appreciated the genius of my aunts cork-board. I'd thought it purely decorative to have all your earrings hung on the wall, but actually it's a genius idea that's really quick and cheap to implement. Two cork-boards is a houses limit and since I have one in my craft room/office and I want to put a second one in the kitchen, but I do have sheets of plastic canvas and since I always thought my aunts was mostly decorative I decided that mine should be.

Our bedroom colours, dictated by the art we bought before deciding on a colour scheme, are reds and golds. Think sunset and you won't be far wrong, one of the paintings in there is Stone henge bathed in black red and gold at the start/end of a day, we can't decide which. I wanted those colours, but I didn't want another sunset piece, so instead I decided to represent my favorite season...autumn!

You will need:
10count plastic canvas
Anchor perle 5 #1316
Anchor perle 5 #1385
Tapestry needles size 22&26
Beaded Ribbon
Madeira No.4 #4021

  • Cut the canvas to size. Mine is 78x97 holes.
  • Work the embroidery as charted, using the Anchor thread and larger needle, repeating the pattern as desired to fill the space..
  • Whip stitch along the outer edge of the ribbon, using the Madeira thread and smaller needle,  to attach it to the edge of your canvas.
  • Cut the beads from the ribbon framing the top edge of your canvas if required..
  • Pin to your wall, no need for a hook, the holes in the canvas will serve perfectly fine as a hanging device.

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