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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coloured Snood for casual wear

Every vintage wardrobe should contain at least one snood, in fact I'd even go so far as to say that everyone with shoulder length hair or longer should own a snood, and this is by far the prettiest snood I've seen so far and best of all, it's wonderfully simple and quick to make! Once you have one, all you need is a couple of bobby pins to secure it in your hair, maybe a pretty ribbon to dress it up if you feel so inclined and you're ready to go. It looks every so pretty and hides even the worst of bad hair days, and unlike a hat...you will not have to take the snood out once you get to work or school. It stays there, hiding the mess within, but a snood isn't just your friend on a bad hair day, it works with beautifully styled hair too.

I've made this pattern multiple times and it never seems to get old. I personally have about seven of them in my wardrobe in different colours to go with different outfits and I will probably acquire several more because they are so quick and easy, but the one I'm making today, the one that inspired this post, isn't for me. No, this one is a commission.

1oz. wool cotton or yarn
Pair of knitting needles size 10
Medium Crochet Hook
Round Elastic to fit back of head.

About 1 patt. to 1 in.

Cast on 42 sts.
1st row. - knit
2nd row. - k1, *(k1, p1, k1) all in the same stitch, p3tog: rep from * to last st. k1
3rd row. - Purl
4th row. -  k1, *p3tog, (k1, p1, k1) all in same stitch: rep from * to last st k1
5th row. - Purl
  The last four rows form the pattern and are repeated until work measures 14ins (or suitable length). Cast off, but do not break the yarn.

Make-up. - Holding the elastic against the knitting, work d.c. over it into the edge of the knitting. Work round three sides, leaving the cast off edge plain for the front of the head. Draw up elastic to a suitable length and sew neatly to beginning and end of d.c.

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  1. Hi there just found you on Rav, love the blog so far. I'm a big fan of vintage stuff.


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