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It has always been my goal to add a post every Wednesday, but due to current circumstances posts may be as scarce as once a month. Appologies and I hope to return to my weekly posting shortly.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Christmas tree o hypocrite...

First of all, let me begin this blog by saying that I am NOT a Christmas stitcher. Heck, I'm not a Christmas person. Now I'm not saying that I dislike it, heck you should see our house come December, but I loathe how early it starts! It seems like once the summer solstice is done all anyone can think of is Christmas and sometimes it's even earlier. I so wish I could have punched the person who put "52 weeks until Christmas" as their facebook status! It's too much and it makes me really aggressively against it. Once winter gets here I'm fine, but why is all year just devoted to the next Christmas?

And now that's out of the way...Look at my christmas make! I know, hence Christmas tree o hypocrite. Far more interesting days ahead, not least of which is Samhain, a holiday I actually celebrate. So why did someone who is so against unseasonable Christmas crap stitching Christmas crap? Well... Quite simply, I wanted something quick and easy as a change of pace from my big projects and I just so happened to pick up a Christmas copy of cross stitch crazy that had a section called "Crazy for Christmas trees" and the designs were such that I could make one in a day so...I did.

Yes, it feels a bit hypocritical, but...it could have just as easily been anything else. Sadly though, I do think this marks the turn because now I've been seen stitching festive I don't expect it will be long until there's another festive thing and another one...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Moving onwards...

We're moving.

Origionally my husband and I are both Yorkshire Folk, I'm from Sheffield and he's from Doncaster. We moved to Derbyshire shortly after he proposed, following his career.It made sense at the time and so we settled into it and I eventually took the job in Bakewell. But that's not been the case for a while now. All our family is in Yorkshire, his job is now in Sheffield and I'm out in Nottinghamshire, we're spread thin and the whole thing doesn't make sense anymore. Thirteen days ago we realized that it's time to move on and back. Back home to Yorkshire. We hoped I'd still be able to work at Wye, but...we quickly discovered that would be near impossible, so I handed in my notice.

Moving Day is November 5th.

I'm excited and heavy hearted. Our new house is beautiful! I'll be close to my family which is something I've wanted ever since I left and we have a nursery! My husband is excited because we also have a loft space that's almost entirely converted and he's claimed that as his man cave. It's close to schools, shops, family, friends, in an area I know pretty well (I used to work just down the road from it) and there are some HUGE parks for my precious puppy to play in. I'm going to miss Wye. They've been sort of a substitute family for me. I said goodbye to most of them already and I think that made it all the harder to say goodbye again. I will miss the shop too, especially as there isn't anything like it in Sheffield. 

I will still visit on a monthly basis though. Apparently everyone says that, but I can still get there, it's just a two hour journey! It's not something I can do regularly, but it is one that I will be making. I'm also going to continue running the facebook page from home, so I'll still be connected to them and that does make it easier, but...It's a bittersweet move.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Work Gloves

Designer: Claudia Eisenkolb
Pattern: Gosai Mitts
Available from: Ravelry
Price: Free Download

Remember how I told you a wek or so ago that the shop I work at has moved premesis and I've been sort of moved into the office? Well the only problem with that is that the place is either un-heated or badly heated. My boss and co-worker seem to have no problem with it, nor do any of the customers so I'm probably alone in saying this, but I find it really cold to sit at the computer for any length of time. My fingers cramp and then I can't work, so I've been taking in a pair of pink fingerless mittens Daphne made me. That was a great plan until we decided to have breakfast and I didn't specify that they should cook my yolk properly so when I bit into my bacon and egg sandwich...the yolk went all down my gloves and all over my trousers! I quickly washed it off my trousers, but the gloves...they had to be properly soaked to avoid staining and then they just didn't dry all day! I was so cold! So I've decided that I need two pairs for work, one less bright pair for regular wearing and an emergency pair.

This is my emergency pair, knit in Sirdar snuggly, they're done in DK so they worked up REALLY fast, I knit them mostly on the bus to and from work. The simple lace repeat was very easy to memorise and the only two things I would change would be to not cast off for the thumb when it tells you to, just bring that a little bit longer and the picot edge...I found the picot edge instructions in the pattern to be too bulky so I changed it to a simple picot bind off. (Cast on 2 stitches onto the left hand needle at the start of your bind off, bind off 4 stitches, slip the remaining stitch back to the left hand needle and repeat)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mums Hat

Brand: Stylecraft
Item: Senses Lace
Available from: Deramores
Price: £3.29

Somehow I've been labelled as obsessed with hats! That's a new one on me as my real obsession is shawls, one can never have too many of them, but my latest FO is indeed another hat. In fact you might recognise this one because it's exaactly the same pattern as appeared a while back in My favourite thing, but this is a commission by my mother. You see, ever since I knit this hat for myself my mother has been trying to get her fingers on it, so I told her I would make her one if she bought the yarn but hands off mine.

She bought the yarn. From Scarborough I believe. I have to say, I love the yarn! It's so soft and pretty and knits up in a beautiful heathery effect. It's got a sumptous drape, shimmer and texture to it that reminds you of silk, but at the same time it's got this warm halo around it that tells you quite clearly that it is in fact mohair. More acurately it's a mohair acrylic blend. It doesn't look or feel like acrylic, but it is, and that means that my mum isn't going to destroy this. You see there's a rather notorious story about a certain hand knit sweater that got put in the washing machine in our household, nothing new about that I'm sure everyone has these stories. I lost a shawl to the washing machine myself. The difference is, my mum learnt not to handwash hand knits, but to make sure hand knits are washing machine safe. Everything goes in and if it can't she doesn't want it. So the fact that this is acrylic is a godsend because t is so lovely and it is washing machine safe.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Work on the radio!

Well the move from Bakewell to Mansfield is "complete" now. We've lost virtually everyone and it's just the bosses and two employees; Diane and myself. The back rooms are still full of boxs and it's going to take us about a year to fully unpack ourselves, but despite all of this, I love the new shop. It's bigger, lighter, more foot traffic and it feels good. It's a lot of hard work, and it will be for a long time yet, but it's also a lot of fun too.

This shop is like a maze with multiple mini levels and rooms on the ground floor and then a further two floors upstairs, so I thought I'd show you how the shop looked on opening day in our first room. Since then we've unpacked even more and there are now no empty spaces on the walls! So now it's getting a little harder to unpack as we're having to think very carefully about where everything else is going, and here's the interesting thing...we keep unpacking charts and kits we didn't even know we had! Our shopping lists have all grown!

I'm really hoping thatwe get more footfall here than we did in Bakewell and for that reason radio Mansfield is down there today broadcasting live from the shop (on my day off no less! So dissapointed I won't be there, but I've been tuned in since 8 to make sure I don't miss out). So please, do come and visit us if you're in the area, ask for Angel and say hello to me, or just have a look around around.

10-16 Churchside
NG18 1AP

9:30am -5:00pm
Monday - Saturday