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It has always been my goal to add a post every Wednesday, but due to current circumstances posts may be as scarce as once a month. Appologies and I hope to return to my weekly posting shortly.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Just a little update....

We've had our anomoly scan...well...one of them. Ziggy really is a little monket and would not hold still at all! At one point we were taking six different measurements and swapping between them as baby changed position every few seconds. Making things difficult for the sonographer as usual, so much so that we couldn't get any heart measurements. Lucky for me this means we need a second anomoly scan. Our sonographer was ever so appologetic about it, but I don't think they realize that while this is inconveinient for them, it's actually a delight for pretty much most new mothers! I get to see my baby again! Nothing is wrong, and I get a third scan! What's to appologize about? I don't think they get it!

So aside from getting a third scan and hearing that our baby looks perfectly healthy we just can't see everything, we did get one more bit of news, and this one came as a shock to me! We discovered that little Ziggy is actually a little girl!!!! I was absolutely convinced that I was having a boy, I just stared at the screen and started to cry. I was completely overwhealmed and shocked and delighted! I am so happy, I always wanted a girl. I loved the thought of a little boy growing inside of me, I really did, but a little girl is just...if I could have picked I would have picked a girl. I would love either, but a girl is just what every girly girl wants most I think. Someone to dress in pink and play dolls with again.

We went a little mad after that. My mum took me shopping and we bought some lovely dresses for her! And then I went shopping, unsupervised at a nearly new event and had to be collected in the car because I bought a pile of stuff for her that when put together was about the same size as I am. I'm 5'10"! But also, all those pretty lace cardigans and dresses that have been sat in my to do list, that I've been putting off because I was convinced Ziggy was a boy...well now I get to make them all! So beware, once we get through the posts I already have lined up, we're going to hit a whole bunch of very girly things. Not even a little sorry!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A hat for Jolene

Back in 2012 I came across the pattern Jolene and fell absolutely in love with it! It was so sweet and I had the perfect baby yarn for it in my stash already, so I decided to cast it on for my hope chest. It took me about a week to complete and naturally I had yarn left over, well of course I did, I had two balls of this yarn and the cardigan required only 80% of one ball, so naturally I left it in a WIP bag with the intention of adding a hat and maybe even making another cardigan and a pair of booties as well, but it's just sat there.

Fast forward to present day and pregnancy has been quite difficult for me and I developed pregnancy related sciatica during my first trimester and it blommomed from just hurting after a good walk to hurting all the time, even sitting still! I was in agony and so I was refferred for physiotherepy at the hospital. I don't know if you've ever been to Sheffield Hospitals but they're huge and so complex that even Theseus would struggle to find his way around! So naturally I would need to give myself an hour and half to find the room, which inevitably means I'll find it in two minutes, so I need to take a small, simple project with me.

That's when I remembered my Jolene cardigan and decided to create this hat to go with it

Designer: Heidi Sunday
Pattern: Baby leaves baby hat
Available from: Ravelry
Price: Free download

As it turns out, this was exactly the right project to take with me because as I'd predicted, I found the room in only a matter of minutes and had some serious time to kill! I tell you, nothing is a bigger test of a patterns simplicity as sitting in a hospital waiting room, trying to resist the urge to run from the building screaming in terror, working on thos uncomfortable chairs, with no room in serious pain and using your phone to read the pattern when it's auto hybernate keeps turning the screen off half way through the row!

That was me. That was my test for this pattern.

It passed and not only could I follow the pattern , I actually enjoyed it! This tiny little project quickly became my travel project which is both good and bad. It's good because I travel a fair bit now I'm back in Sheffield and am actually able to visit my family with some degree of frequency, and the appointments, but also bad because I love the pattern but cannot just sit and knit it from start to finish. It's very stop start.

The only thing I must say about it though is that the pattern page on ravelry says that the hat is for newborns right up to adult, but the actual pattern only gives you two sizes; stop after the lace or continue in ribbing for 14 rounds. I strongly suggest that you continue in ribbing for at least some of those extra rounds otherwise it's too short. There is nothing in the pattern about making any other sizes, so if you want to make this for an adult, or even a toddler, you're going to have to do the math for that yourself I'm afraid.

Once my hat was finished I went back and changed those purple buttons on the Jolene cardigan. I honestly don't know why I thought such deep coloured buttons worked with such a pale garment! So now I have just under the same ammount of yarn left over as it took to make both items.