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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ziggys picnic vest

Just a little update before this post starts... I've had my second anomoly scan and am happy to announce both that Ziggy continues to be a girl and that she has now been given a clean bill of health. Of course neither of these things are set in stone, she may have been hiding her parts and there may be something that just isn't detectable wrong, but for now we're all working on the probability of her being a healthy little girl.

Designer: Yarn-Madness
Pattern: Morpheus
Available from: Ravelry
Price: Free Download

I have to confess, this was a fun knit, even for my baby addled brain. I say baby addled because I actually struggled with some of the instructions, not because they were unclear, I just couldn't grasp the meaning. I have no idea what's wrong with me and the instructions themselves were really clear and when you follow them they make sense, but reading them...that was a whole different story! The good thing is though, if they're so self explainatory that you can follow them without understanding them properly, anyone can make this, and I strongly reccommend that you do! Sizes range from 3 months to two years and depending on how you work it can be fantastic for either gender!

I went for the 6months size, and given that large babies run in my family, I'm actually guessing that it will still be autumn when Ziggy starts wearing this size, which is my favourite time of year, so I chose to use a yarn that reflected that. It's Sirdar Montanna in "sweet grass" which I think has a very heathery look to it and makes me think that this should be worn on a picnic in the peak district. Also it reminds me of my aunty Anne who loves these colours, so it's deffinately got to be worn on a visit to see her!

Hubby chose the very pretty button.
That said, I wasn't sure how the colouring would work out as I never actually bothered to check, and I really wanted the ribbing edges to all be the same colour, so I decided to use a second yarn for that. I don't know what I used, it came over in a bag of remnants from my grandmothers house and feels like the same fibres as are in the main body, and the colour works really well with the Sirdar! In fact, when I finished the vest I was surprised at just how well it works!

Honestly, I love this design so much I think I might make another one with long sleeves to go with it because yes, this design has instructions for both the vest and a jumper. It also has instructions for using a secondary yarn for the ribbing or working in one solid colour. It works well with solids, stripes and varigated colours. It's so versitile this has quickly become a favourite of mine!

Now I used a different cast on and bind off than recommended so the ribbing is super stretchy because if Ziggy is anything like me, super stretchy is important! However, since there's a button for the neck it's not exactly required that your cast on have so much stretch as mine does and there is a bind off recommendation that does allow for some ease, although not as much as my preferred method so don't worry about that

After I completed the vest though, I still had quite a bit of yarn left over so...naturally I decided to accessorize. First we decided that Ziggy needs a hat and we chose a design I'd already done before, the baby leaves hat. Worked in the matching green yarn I'd used for the edging I really think it brings out the leaves! However, that hat is designed for new borns so I don't think it'd fit a 6 month old. As such I decided to add another pattern repeat to make it a bit bigger... although I think I made it just a little too big... Not to worry though, if it's too big I shall just have to thread some shirring elastic through the ribbing to shrink it a little bit and then let it out when Ziggy gets bigger. That way my mistake can be turned into a positive and this beautiful hat can be worn that bit longer.