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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Coming home outfit

I had planned to make the Jolene set the outfit Ziggy would wear leaving the hospital, but while doing the grocery shopping with my mother, we got sidetracked by the baby clothes. It's very easily done, they're right by the door! So we had a look and I showed my mother this lovely babygrow with a little tree on it that says "Newest leaf on the family tree" and she naturally bought it, but not before telling me that we had to find a bigger size. I was a bit confused because I had a 0-3m size in my hands, turns out I was born right into a 3-6m and given that my husband was bigger than I was it's pretty obvious that we should expect a similarly big baby. I'm fine with this, but it does mean that the Jolene set will never fit. So we had to start over.

Using the babygrow as the foundation of the design I went and raided my yarn stash for some gender neutral options as we still had a week left to go until we found out the gender. I discovered a wonderful spring coloured acrylic DK amongst my grammas stash. Now I have no idea what yarn it was, and if any of you recognise it or have any idea I would be most grateful! I know only that she must have bought it somewhere locally and that it is acrylic. I don't know what happened to the photos I took of my finished objects, but the babygrow is a sort of cream and brown and the colour of the yarn is on the left, sort of a pink and green mottled effect. Fortunately the photographs just make everything darker and don't distort just how well they match each other. Sorry, I will try and get some better photographs.

So here's the run through of the patterns used

Designer: Sirdar
Pattern: #1439
Available from: Sirdar stockists
Price: Paper patterns always seem to vary depending on where you go, but usually somewhere around £3

I borrowed this pattern from a friend of mine who I used to work with, so I'm afraid that I can't be more specific about how to find it, but I can tell you one thing that will save you a small headache... When you come to work this design, you would do well to cast on and work both fronts and back pieces as one up to the shoulders. Seaming that lace was a nightmare! I loved the pattern, it was a delight to work and I think I need to make one in every size, but I won't be doing those side seams EVER again! Nope. No way. No how! You couldn't PAY me enough to do it! That's how fiddly they were. Just save yourself the heartache and cast on all three pieces at once and use a stitch marker where the seams go. The pattern is so easy to follow that you should have no problems with it.

Designer: Marjolein Loomans
Pattern: Little Princess Bonnet
Available from: Ravelry
Price: Free download

Now this pattern is origionally designed so the brim is in a second colour and turns up, there's also a flower embelishment to go with it. I excluded the flower and made the brim ribbed rather than turned simply because I want to be sure it stays on the head better.

Once again, this was a delightful pattern to work, but it has an error in it! The crown shaping does not add up. I made size 3-6m which stated that I needed 70 stitches on my needles, but the crown shaping somehow only had 68 before the decreases so I had to improvise a little bit, but not enough to detract from the joy of knitting this in one evening!

Designer: Me
Pattern: Yet to be named
Available from: comming soon on this blog
Price: free

I sat down one evening with my yarn and started knitting. These booties are what I came up with. They're knit in the round and can be done with one or two colours. I plan to work up a few more examples, but you will be able to find the pattern on my free patterns page shortly. It's up at the top of this blog or just click the link.

The last item in my going home outfit is another store bought one and one I don't have any photographs of. It's a simple pair of white tights to keep my little girls legs warm...that and it looks really odd to have all this knitting on and completely bare legs! So without the tights, which are still in their packaging, this is my going home outfit. I really hope you like it!