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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Midnight Garden Shawl

Brand: Sirdar
Item: Cotton 4ply
Available from: Deramores
Price: £5.89

Brand: Rico Design
Item: Fashion fantasy DK
Available from: Deramores
Price: £3.49

Designer: Angel Grimes
Pattern: Midnight Garden Party Shawl
Available from: Ravelry
Price: £3

After all the baby knitting I've been doing recently, I'm happy to bring you something a bit more grown up. This time it's one of my own designs and something I was asked to make for my mother who attended a garden party at the end of June. She bought a beautiful navy dress with pretty flowers and butterflies on it and wanted a shawl to go with it that was lacy enough to show off her dress, but would keep the chill off her arms. So I came up with this design.

I decided to use cotton yarns because they're a nice cool fibre for summer knitting and the main body had to be navy so it went well with her dress. For that reason I went with the Sirdar cotton 4ply as it comes in a beautiful range of colours with the usual expectation of value and quality. Naturally it was a delight to work with!

The second yarn I choose needed to be cotton, but I needed a dappled variation to it that would work well with the dress, the Sirdar and the pattern. Apparently this is a tall order and the only yarn I was able to find that fit the bill was Rico's Fashion Fantasy in DK. I spent a while umming and ahhing about it because it is twice as thick as the Sirdar, but in the end I decided to go with it for the following reasons:
  • It is cotton and so even though it's a thicker yarn and thus knits up to a different tension, it's not drastically noticeable.
  • The tension would be different anyway since this yarn is used for the contrasting bands and doesn't follow the same lace pattern of the main body.
As it happens, the two yarn work beautifully together and the contrasting thicknesses works incredibly well with the pattern as the main body is designed to be light and airy, while the contrasting sections are featured. I really liked both yarns and am so happy that I bought two balls of the Rico even though I only ended up using the one because it now means that I can make something for myself in it.

The pattern is currently being test knit and is due to go live at the end of the month, but since it's my pattern I can tell you that it is both simple and complex at the same time. The main body is worked in a very simple, easy to memorize lace pattern that works up very quickly, but the contrasting bands require a fair bit more effort and it is because of the lengthy instructions involved in them that the pattern has only been written and not charted.

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