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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

First...and last baby blanket

Designer: Nikol Lohr
Pattern: Hoodie baby blanket
Available from: Ravelry
Price: Free download
When we discovered that I was pregnant, my mother claimed all blanket making rights and set about her job right away. She made blankets for all three beds, car seat, pram, swaddling, playtime and even a tiny comforter. I've never felt the need to make any myself and I wouldn't waste the money on buying since she's supplied several of each type and hers are much nicer than the shops. I almost left the whole thing to my mother as I have no patience for working such things. They take so much time and there's so little of interest for me in them, but I needed a project for a knitting group and I thought I'd give a hooded swaddling blanket a go.

I'm glad I did have a go at it because now I can say that yes, I have made a blanket... and no, I probably won't ever make another one ever again! The whole thing was a lesson in tedium, and that's even after I changed the pattern. Initially it was a simple stocking stitch pattern with a simple garter stitch edging. I changed the main body to basket stitch and put a frilled edging on instead. It worked out wonderfully, and it looks and feels gorgeous! It's a winter blanket and I can't wait to wrap my baby up in it against the chill, but...I had very little interest in the thing as I worked it. It literally served as a way to keep my hands busy while I did other thngs such as read, watch tv and chat.